What’s I’m reading

Inferno (1)

Where have I been? I’ve been reading Dante’s Inferno.

Actually, I have just started reading it though Dante wrote the epic poem Inferno in the fourteenth century. It’s a classic, but what inspired me to read it was the release of the Robert Langdon movie, Inferno. I haven’t see the film.

Inferno is about Dante’s descent into hell. The poet Virgil guides him through the various levels of hell until he learns something about the horror of sin. So the back of the cover jacket tells me. I have still to read more.

I consider it a faith-based sort of book or it’s probably more accurately described as Catholic, religious, or Christian in that order. Some would say a relic of its time, others would say timeless or eternal. Hell is one of the teachings or tenets of Christianity and I have written for faith-based publications before so why wouldn’t I be interested?

I have ordered the next two parts: Purgatorio and Paradiso. I somehow am skeptical that the movie Inferno (2016), the third in the Robert Langdon series, is of the same ilk. though.