Reading a little

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It’s a good question. What books have you read? He asked me over the table with a sly grin, knowing I have seen more movies than read books. But I didn’t care. It didn’t bother me what he thought. His opinion wasn’t important. But he made me think. What books have I actually read? I got curious. So I thought back to my childhood. I wasn’t a big reader. Sure, I was handed books by friends, like Tiger Adventure. (The guy who handed me that book became a rugby player and coach. He knew his stuff all right.) But I never read it. In fact, I don’t remember a book from my childhood that stood out. I studied the rules of cricket just before turning a teenager. Very helpful to know because I played. So there you have it. A book is worth how much it applies to your life. That means I read a little, but write more. I read about writing and keep books that sound interesting.


I am now reading books that I am truly interested in reading. At the moment that’s Dante, old Star Wars novels, and The Pilgrim’s Progress. However, if there is a book I have been devoted to, I have continually read the Bible since 1990–not that I am boasting.